DHOLFA Youth Camp is started with a vision of bringing youths together from different parts of the Uganda, with an aim of :

•    Following up the DHOLFA team members so that they can be further trained, supported and encouraged in different areas         of life so   that they can live there dream of having  no sex before the holy matrimony.
•    Building up a God fearing Generation of Youths as a way of preparing them to assume future leadership roles in Uganda.
•    Bringing people from different districts of Uganda into    meaningful contact with each other.
•    Permitting the sharing of ideas, ideals, and cultural viewpoints.
•    Promoting national understanding and goodwill, and work   towards the goals of world peace and human understanding.
•    Encouraging respect in young people for the thinking of others.

DHOLFA Youth Camp -April 2013 is the first youth camp of    Divine Hands of Love Family (DHOLF) a project of the above mentioned Non-Governmental Organization mentioned above.

Why come to DHOLFA youth camp?

Campers come to:
- Learn more about God
- Learn more abstinence and character.
- Meet people from around the world and make friends
- Learn new skills through our activities.
- Learn to be a team player, gain in self-confidence and in  traveling experience, become independent
- Have fun in a relaxed and secure environment at Country Lake Resort – Garuga.


  • Photos and videos available during campers’ stay
  • Campers learn more about living a holy life.
  • There will be campers from around the country.
  • Country lake resort - Garuga is on a Lakeside location with     a green vegetation / forests
  • It’s a multicultural camp with a lot of things to learn about…
  • Well-trained, well-supervised camp counselors and teachers.
  • The halls and rooms available handle more than 200 campers.
  • Maximum security for the camper is guaranteed.
  • Conducive atmosphere is set to suit every camper.
  • References are available upon request.


Since Uganda uses English (at the moment) as one of the unifying languages, the committee agrees that the 1st language should be English. The preaching, counseling and guidance sessions will be interpreted from English to Luganda.

However, during the one-on-one counseling sessions, different languages will be used accordingly so as the message is well perceived.       

To further reduce the risk of feeling isolated by language, we advise campers are come to the camp with a friend or friends, if that is possible.
Language is the doorway to understanding the infinite variety of   human cultures; understanding culture is the key to tolerance; working and playing together are the means through which culture and tolerance are given a human face and then extended 

through friendship.


DHOLFA Youth Camp is a Christian based   Camp.  

The camping era will be full of leaning about the gospel, worshiping, entertainments of different types, games and           sports among others. However, since some of the campers       may be from different religions, we campers MUST abide       with the terms and conditions of the camp. No idles                 (small gods) or acts of witch craft will be accepted in the           camp.

We are not attached to any church but we work with               different approved God fearing pastors, elders, parents,             youths, business people and leaders that can inspire youths.           


We admit mature individuals from 18 years of age, single, both girls and boys. The campers will be individuals that are ready to abide with the terms and conditions of  DHOLFA YOUTH CAMP and COUNTRY LAKE RESORT.
However, parents have shown much desire to send us their     children below the set age limit... 
All campers below the age of 18 are set in a different conference hall with counselors and preachers that will attend to them.         

Different care-takers are always available in such cases... 
Parents are advised to visit our offices to further discus the     issue or contacts us on phone or via email.
International campers must pass through proper legal procedures 
to join us.
of 18 years must be at least in primary 3 and above.                         

For more info: call +256 706 096 173, email: divinehandoflove@Kampala offices:   CONRAD HOUSE 2nd floor, Jinja RD opposite Shell.                                                     (Talk Communication section)


Expected results from DHOLFA Youth Camps:

DHOLFA Youth Camp Instills Great Values in Cool Ways

Youths especially those in their adolescent years may not know why they believe what they believe, but they believe it, nonetheless!  In other words, values and beliefs are caught,and not necessarily taught.

A well run DHOLFA Youth Camp will have staff members that not only teach great lessons about God and about life; they will model these lessons in the ways they care for youths and serve them.

Many people will tell you that the love and care of  DHOLFA youth Camp counselors made a change in their lives.

DHOLFA Youth Camp helps youths own their Faith                    A lot of Churches programs are run on the same model school classes are taught.  Youths hear teachings and new information,   there may be some short discussion, and then they are on their      way   to other things. 

When young people interact with new friends who share their beliefs, talk openly about them, and live a life that sincerely involves faith, their own faith can grow greatly.                                                          
When young people are mentored by camp staff members or by other peers who take them under their wing, amazing things happen.
As we move towards an increasingly national, international, interconnected and global community, DHOLFA youth camp could help to prepare youths  to play a positive role in this brave new  world which they will soon inherit.
To achieve this, DHOLF concentrates on:

But, a well-run DHOLFA Youth Camp allows many opportunities  for youths to get some alone time with God. These times are  typically brief enough to be age appropriate, but the key is to allow young people to "own" their   faith by actually  practicing some of the basic spiritual

DHOLFA Youth Camp allows youths / young people to    create great relationships

Discipleship means that a person can rub off on others as they  to seek disciple them.  In other words, those who were discipled actually became like the one who discipline them.

  • Offering 12 Counseling and Guidance
  • Offering Career Guidance
  • Training students / girls to decide when, with whom and how  to go in for sex with an informed mind
  • Talent promotion
  • Skills training, with special emphasis on language, cultural understanding and tolerance. At the same time,                       it fosters a  love for and familiarity with the world of nature.
  • Holding prayer sessions to the Students through sharing the word of God in the visited schools and to the people in the community.


All meals will be available. Campers must specify in advance the foods the are allergic to so that they will be catered for differently in a special way.     


Country Lake Resort - Garuga is Located 23km (45 minutes drive) along Kampala-
Entebbe Highway turning off the left at Kitala Trading centre to Bulegapast  Garuga Motor cross on the shores of  lake Victoria.
From Entebbe Airport towards Kampala, 15 minutes drive to Kitala trading centre, turnoff to the right Info about the location:


The camp site has Deluxe / Executive rooms for hire which are fully self-contained with a parking space these are available for private campers.
Conference hall and beautiful restaurants are available. 
Fire places are lite every night till 10:00PM

DHOLFA campers will have spacious rooms and tents where they will sleep. However, boys and girls halls / quarters, or tents will be set in different locations with maximum security and limited night movements.


Parents are encouraged to bring their children / youths / sons     and daughters directly to the camp site and pick them on the     closing date of the camp. They  are also encouraged to make     frequent inquiries through phone calls to inquire about how the campers are doing.                                                                             we advise parents and guardians to give proper information       about the health and nutrition of their children. (pacifying how   they are handled).                                                                             

Parents, you are request to join the cause as members,             supporters fans and and or well-wishers.                                           

Country Lake Resort services will remain available on demand... you can book your room now...                      In case you need any assistance, call           

                             +256 706 9061 73                              divinehandoflove@gmail.com


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