DHOLFA YOUTH CAMP 12 - 17th May 2013 Pictures



Counseling and guidance session @ Spire High School 23 April 2013

<  The Exec. Director sharing with the DHOLF staff at          Destiny Eagles Secondary School.


Qute Kaye - Ugandan artist, sharing with the students prefects body at Spire High School.The rest in the picture are:  Jackson, Nankya Rose, Hakim T... and the picture was taken by RAZ.

BELOW:                                                                                     Counselor Sanyu Margarette counseling the Senior three - senior five students during group sessions.  she was working together with Dorothy.


Sanyu Margarete: Senior counselor working the D.P.P (Director of Public Prosecutions.) Kampala.
Muyonga Jackson: DHOLF Executive Director
Joseph Sematimba: Uganda artist, Manager Steers Uganda an member of DHOLF.
Dorothy: Student in vacation, Member of DHOLF, working  with steers Uganda.
Hakim Tomusange: Teacher by profession and DHOL co-coordinator,                                                 

Some of the youth's questions asked privately.

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Schools visited inlude:
  • > Bishop Nankama - Bombo Campus.
  • > St. Lawrence Horizon
  • > St.Lawrence Crown City
  • > TA.Crusade Institue
  • > Nakiwaate C/U P/S
  • > Destiny Eagles secondary School - Mpigi
  • > Spire High School - Gayaza

Some of the students / youths who made a commitment to         abstain from sex - never to have sex before the proper holy matrimony with the right person.  

Medie: a student at Makerere University                                     Nankya: Teacher by profession and a volunteer  at DH Project.                                                                                               Susan: Student reperesentative- Student at Makerer University.  .....................................................................

NOTE:  Students are longing to be visited again...With your support and prayers, we will make it.                                                 We request you to donate now and we will deliver.                        God bless u.

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